When it comes to President Buhari, I’ve always been in and out of sync. Back in 2011 when many Southerners (I mean the whole South; South West,
South East and south South) were against him and his candidacy was strongly unfavourable, I supported
him. In 2015, when many were wildly enthusiastic about his candidacy, I declined my support for him. I was sceptical. I feared that he was naïve and that his stance on sharia was a dangerous illusion given the unyielding extremism of most part of Northern Nigeria. Furthermore, it seemed clear to me that apart from being the change figure his supporters
imagined, Buhari was also revenge minded; even before taking office he showed a glimpse of being vengeful when he barred AIT from covering his events. And I wasn’t wrong. Buhari was naïve. He faced scorched-earth PDP opposition from day one and it
took him weeks to start dealing with that opposition realistically.

Furthermore, he came perilously close
to doing terrible things to Nigeria’s battered image internationally with his goofs on Western Germany, the German President and the 5% saga. But now that the shoe is rightly on his foot, Buhari faces trash talk left, right and center – literally- and he doesn’t deserve it. Despite bitter opposition,
despite having come close to self-inflicted disasters, Buhari has emerged as one of the most consequential and yes! One of the most revered Nigerian President in my lifetime (No thanks to the fact that I was born in the late 80s). His Governance style is imperfect but still a huge step forward and it is working better than I had expected. His financial reforms so far have fallen short of what should have happened, but it is much more effective than I had
thought. His economic management has been half crippled by the lack of cabinet members but has nonetheless been much better than in other West African countries and his political appointments is starting to look like it could be a major legacy.

I personally believe that most of Buhari’s bashing is often misguided and in most cases is focused on the
wrong things. I realised that most people who supported GEJ wants Buhari to fail (No thanks to what
Buhari’s supporters did to GEJ on social media). They are bent on pulling him down just because he defeated GEJ and not for any other reason (I honestly don’t want to be a part of those who wants to bring a just man down). They forget that high office shouldn’t be about scoring cheap political points, it should be about changing the country for the better (which even GEJ in his silence supports).

Has Buhari shown a sign of changing the country for good? Are his appointments and political legacies
likely to endure? The answer to both questions is yes and as far as political and policy changes go, there is a
reason for hope, but we will have to wait and see. Am I showering him with faint praises? Not at all. No President gets to do everything his supporters
expected him to do let alone satisfying the opposition. But with what Buhari has done so far, he has shown a glimpse of what a successful President
looks like. I don’t care about the fact that Buhari hasn’t lived up to his campaign promises (3 months is too short to judge a 48 months tenure) and I care less about his performance rating by the opposition. However, I do care that he should have achieved a lot
when all is done and done and his tenure have successfully come to an end. Until then, I cease to bash this President. Let the change continue.

By Austine Okeke


Former Governor Gabriel Suswam Arrested In The UK for Bashing Wife

The immediate past governor of Benue State Mr. Gabriel Suswam was arrested in London for battering charges.

Close family sources revealed that the Metropolitan police booked Mr. Suswam into the London City detention center for several hours with a judge setting a bail bound which the detained former governor met before being released.

Police arrested the embattled Suswam in his luxurious London home after they received a distressed 911 call from his wife Yemisi.

She told a dispatcher over the phone that she feared for her life after being physically beaten and brutalized by her husband over a heated argument relating to Suswam’s mistress shido Imo, a former administrative officer at the National Agency for food and Drug Administration and control (NAFDAC).

A family source told the police that Suswam hit Yemisi severally and inflicted injuries on her over shido’s overbearing influence on Mr. Suswam, and who has taken over the former governor’s home as his legitimate wife.

Shido, according to close family source in the know has a child for Suswam and the development had irked the former first lady to see her losing grip of her husband to a mistress.

It was gathered that the former governor had repeatedly declared to Yemisi his wife that he would officially marry shido as a wife and that while Suswam was still governor, the Tiv born shido was the only channel through which the Benue people reached Suswam.

 “She was always helpful to the Benue people, especially the Tiv’s and that was what endeared her to our people. She was always ready to help. If any Benue person needed something from the former governor, shido was always ready to help ensure that they got what they wanted,” the family source said
Battering offence is an offence under the United Kingdom (UK) law an offence against the person Act of 1861. Suswam faces a six months prison term if his embattled wife decides to press charges against him.
A close family source  who spoke to our correspondent disclosed that the British Police are prevailing on Mrs. Suswam to press charges against her husband who the source said is in the habit of abusing the woman often.
As at the time of filing this report, it was not clear whether the Metropolitan Police officials installed electronic device on him to prevent him from jumping bail.

AFDB President Mr. Akinwunmi Adesina Promises Poverty Eradication In Africa

The newly elected president of the African Development Bank (AFDB) Mr. Akinwunmi Adesina has vowed to eradicate poverty in Africa using his position. In a statement, Adesina expressed the state of poverty in Africa and how he intends to use his office to liberate the continent from poverty. In so doing, Adesina hopes to improve agricultural development, expand job creation platforms, encourage national integration and also develop rural agriculture. He however sees his new office as an opportunity to elevate Africa to higher developmental achievements thus tagging his election as a thing of hope for Africa and Nigeria.

Mr Adesina expressed the toughness of the elections which went down in six rounds carried out by 74 ministers of finance from all over the world. The good part however was that, Nigeria took the lead in all six rounds of the elections which finally has produced Adesina as the new AFDB president.

Clearly this is progress for Nigeria as it has not held such a position for the past 52 years of the organizations existence. For this great achievement, Mr Adesina extended his warm appreciation to the president of Nigeria, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari who ensured that he emerged as the AFDB president.

He also acknowledged the enormous efforts of prominent Nigerians like former presidents and heads of states Goodluck Jonathan, Olusegun Obasanjo, Yakubu Gowon, Abdusallami Abubakar and, vice president Atiku Abubakar, who collectively led his campaign for AFDB president.

Mr Adesina however insisted that AfDB under his watch would initiate policies that would see to the alleviation of poverty in Africa.

In a response, senator Ibikunle Amosun appraised Adesina for
his interest in the position of AFDB president which has excluded Nigeria for
over 50 years. Amosun expressed his level of confidence in Adesina’s leadership considering his experience and glimmering performance as
Nigeria’s Minister of Agriculture.

The governor of Ogun state also encouraged AfDB president to
make espouse programmes
capable of taking Africa to enviable height, an action that would make Nigeria proud and a bigger giant of Africa.

Runs Girls: The Re Mix

The concept of “Runs Girl” as it is called allows girls practice prostitution with out feeling too bad or worried about its moral and societal implications. Since in their view they don’t stand by the road side or sleep in brothels or do conventional prostitution. it is usually practised by students, graduates, illiterate and, even the employed as an extra source of income.

In Benue state many runs girls and even some members of the public seem to accept it as an occupation also known as”hustle” or “packaging.” It is celebrated even by some mothers of such runs girls. Poverty,ignorance,
laziness, greed and trying to keep up with trends are usually given as reasons.( But for some its comes naturally) It allows girls have commercial sex with different men based on confidential arrangement, their clients range from single to married men, politicians and foreigners. They operate with out a base or jurisdiction, and travel from state to state to do runs. These arrangements are done by their
friends or former clients or professional agents. Action takes place mostly in hotels. Money sourced from such runs is used to buy all the flashy things they want that their parents, guardians or lovers can’t afford – clothes, jewellery, pay school fees, pay for rent, feed, help relatives and children, start a business and “live up to expectation,” and more recently take alcohol and drugs amongst other things.

This type of prostitution is mostly done in a covert manner so that these runs girls can still be regarded as being decent by unsuspecting members of the society. Some retire and get married, some retire and open up bars or beauty shops or boutiques from money made during active service. They are everywhere in our society today. You may be surprised to find out that you are in a relationship with one because most of them have relationships although some men keep then as lovers for the money they bring. They are a symptom, of a bigger disease.

Prostitution and sex are very complex matters but it is a sad development
that needs to be addressed. The moral standard of our women, girls, future wives an

    d mothers and in extension our society is in great

    — Ahile Kashami Ahile

Lagosians Salute Fashola On Twitter For Good Governance As He Leaves Office Today

The out going governor of Lagos state Babatunde Fashola has become trendy on twitter as Lagosians express their appreciation and joy over the positive leadership services of Fashola who will handover the leadership of Lagos state today to the governor elect.

Fashola who is from the All Progressive People’s Party, APC, have served Lagos state well judging from the appraisals rained on him for a job well done. As he leaves office today, Nigerians especially Lagosians show their appreciation on twitter for showing good leadership and being a political example but most of all, they express how much his enormous good works have transformed Lagos for good.

Here are a few of the enormous tweets saluting Fashola.







Adams Oshiomole’s Accusations Are Baseless Says Ngozi 0konjo-Iweala

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Verses Adams Oshiomole
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Verses Adams Oshiomole
It is no surprise that a few days after the Federal Ministry of Finance published the details of what the Federal and State governments received from the Excess Crude Account over the past four years, Governor Adams Oshiomole of Edo State has launched an attack against the Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. His article “Economy: Okonjo-Iweala’s hidden figures” is full of gaping holes, both in facts and logic.
Obviously, for daring to publish how the ECA was shared and showing that governors who cannot pay salaries have no excuses, Okonjo-Iweala is being targeted. It is noteworthy that several of their colleagues have been able to manage their finances reasonably well under these same difficult circumstances.
The release of the ECA details has also demonstrated very clearly that there is no substance in the wild allegations that any money is missing from the account or that finances of the country under Okonjo-Iweala watch have not been well managed.
Like previous baseless allegations by some Governors, the motive behind Oshiomole’s attack is clear: to deflect public attention away from the manner in which they have run the finances of their states and make Okonjo-Iweala the scapegoat. If it was meant to intimidate the Minister, it has failed abysmally.
How can Governor Oshiomhole claim that state governors were not properly briefed on the status of the ECA when his commissioner of finance attends all the FAAC meetings where decisions are taken and communicated to the nation?
This diversionary tactic will not succeed because Nigerians are too smart to buy into this fiction. Secondly, the Finance Ministry under Okonjo-Iweala, the Minister who started the practice of publishing details of allocations from the Federation Account to all the three tiers of government, has regularly furnished Nigerians with information on the country’s finances.
Governor Oshiomhole’s statement that Okonjo-Iweala “must disclose to the nation the full details of subsidy payments made to oil marketers in the last four years” is therefore astonishing given the fact that EVERY payment made to the marketers has been published in the media and widely disseminated through all news channels.
Oshiomhole’s allegation that Okonjo-Iweala has not been transparent is ridiculous and totally lacking in merit. Apart from the monthly publication of allocations to the federal, state and local governments, the Federal Ministry of Finance under Okonjo-Iweala also publishes SURE-P receipts and distribution to different tiers, details of payments to oil marketers and other information.
Has Governor Oshiomhole demonstrated the same level of openness in his management of the affairs of Edo State? Can Oshiomhole also go public with ALL the information showing what he has received from various sources and the uses to which he has deployed them?
Equally incomprehensible – for a supposedly smart Governor – is Oshiomhole’s claim that the CME has “just woken up from her slumber to realize that oil marketers have been all along falsifying subsidy claims and defrauding the nation of billions of Naira”. This statement underscores the extent to which he is willing to go in his desperation to tar Okonjo-Iweala. When she returned as Finance Minister in 2011, the outstanding fuel subsidy bill was about N1.3 trillion. It was the work done on subsidy fraud by the Aig-Imoukhuede Committee which the Minister set up, later elevated into a presidential panel that determined that over N300 billion of the amount was fraudulent. This eventually led to the prosecution of some persons for subsidy fraud and reduction of the annual subsidy budget to N791 billion, saving the country over a trillion naira in the process. Maybe it is His Excellency who was snoring while this was going on. Such baseless posturing only serves to diminish the credibility of Oshiomhole in the minds of objective Nigerians.
For the record, Dr. Okonjo-Iweala has no apologies for insisting that a claim of N159 billion for forex differentials by the marketers out of a total bill of N200 billion should go through an additional verification process. When 80% of a subsidy claim is made up of forex differentials and not the value of the amount of fuel supplied, the right and proper thing to do is to take extra steps to ensure that the country is not being cheated. That is what Okonjo-Iweala did.

Oshiomhole’s allegation that the Minister is involved in “an unholy alliance” with government agencies and the marketers is therefore manifestly untrue and totally irresponsible. How can a minister against whom the oil marketers have conducted a very public campaign of calumny be in league with them? A decent public official should not make such scurrilous and unsubstantiated statements.

The most laughable part of Oshiomhole’s article is the claim that Okonjo-Iweala has been speaking out lately because of the “fear of Buhari”. Nigerians know this is ridiculous. If there is any minister whose voice has been strong on the right issues over the past four years it is Okonjo-Iweala. Okonjo-Iweala combines a stalwart integrity, a mastery of her mandate and the courage of her convictions. She therefore has no reason to fear. Those who cannot adequately explain what they did with the resources of their states and are begging for bailout are those who should to be scared.
Paul C Nwabuikwu
Special Adviser to the Coordinating Minister of the Economy and Minister of Finance

Fuel Scarcity: How Bad Is The Fuel Crisis In Your Locality?

The fuel crisis on going in the country seem to cripple all progress in the country as the scarcity gets worse by the day, excrutiating the pain of motorists, commuters  and even in many homes. The little fuel available in the country now seem to be in the selling hands of black marketers which is unbearably expensive. While some people can afford fuel from black market, others can’t.

How has Nigerian fuel scarcity affected you? Share your experience.

Fuel Scarcity: How Bad Is The Fuel Crisis In Your Locality?

The fuel crisis on going in the country seem to cripple all progress in the country as the scarcity gets worse by the day, excrutiating the pain of motorists, commuters  and even in many homes. The little fuel available in the country now seem to be in the selling hands of black marketers which is unbearable expensive. While some people can afford fuel from black market, others can’t.

How has Nigerian fuel scarcity affected you? Share your experience.

Northern Leaders Demand That President-Elect Should Grant Amnesty To Boko Haram


There is a huge controversy amongst Nigerians, precisely the northern region as to whether amnesty should be granted to Boko Haram, the terrorist group who have violently and mercilessly killed Nigerians leaving so much pain in the hearts of victims and streams of blood on the streets.

According to prominent northerners including the former Chief Justice of Nigeria, CJN, Mohammed Uwais and Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF, Ambassador Babagana Kingibe and former Nigerian Ambassador to the United Nations, Ibrahim Gambari the President -elect, General Muhammadu Buhari should declare amnesty for Boko Haram insurgents when he takes over power on May 29. In other words, the incoming president should grant pardon to Boko Haram terrorists despite the devastating state it has left Nigeria in, even tinting its image on the international face.

This request was made in a communiqué issued after a two-day conference with the theme: “Security and Governance Challenges in Africa’s largest Democracy,” by the Savannah Centre for Diplomacy, Democracy and Development, SCDDD, as part of its “Nigeria Beyond 2015 Project,” in Abuja yesterday.

Prof. Ibrahim Gambari, founder of Savannah Centre, Major General Ishola Williams, Executive Secretary, Pan-African Strategic and Peace Research Group, PAN-AFSTRAG, Justice Mohammed Uwais- chairman of the occasion and Ambassador Abdullahi Omaki, executive director of the Savannah Centre signed the communique.

During the conference, Gen. Buhari was also asked to give mammoth attention to the special economic programmes for the North East geopolitical zone which had been ravaged by the Boko Haram terrorists. They also gave word to the president-elect against disabling the on-going amnesty programme for ex-militants in the Niger Delta region

The demand they made of the Federal Government is,

‘’to expedite action on the compensation of victims of Boko Haram terrorism and insurgency through the established and funded Victims’ Support Fund,’’ and for urgent priority attention to the special economic programme for the North East by the incoming administration, just as they condemned ‘’the carnage, devastations and displacements, which the Boko Haram group inflicted upon many innocent Nigerians in the north east region.’’

They also advised on the establishment of a special economic programme for the affected states of the North-East, focusing on rehabilitation, resettlement and reconstruction, as well as the necessity for a blueprint that addresses the issues of vocational and skills-acquisition education for the youths.’’

However, Dr. Junaid Mohammed, contradicts the request made for amnesty for Boko Haram staging it as a medium of rewarding criminals instead of punishing them for crimes against humanity.

Moreover, this is like stepping on the toes of Nigerians who have been bittered by the catastrophic effects of Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria. And this will not only bruise open old wounds which might still be fresh in the minds of victims, it will also call on people especially those who had doubts on the general to question the governance of President Buhari because so far as Nigerians are concerned, what Boko Haram did in Nigeria is totally unpardonable. They rather expect the government to frown at such acts of Boko Haram and fight them till the very last of this cabals are captured or killed. It would rather be sad to have same terrorists walk freely on the streets with people whose lives have been destroyed by the insurgents, and on the other hand it is like declaring victory to Boko Haram and defeat to Nigerians including the Nigerian army. Thereby, energizing these insurgents for future resurface which will be more devastating.

A terrorist will always be a terrorist. They kill for pleasure but hide under flimsy reasons to take innocent lives.

…let your voice be heard.

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